Increase you MPG as much as 50%
 Clean's your engine's carbon deposits while you drive
 Increases in HP of up to 5%

How Hydrogen Boost Works!   

Referred to as Hydroxy gas, Brown's gas and Water-fuel to mention just a few, Everyone now knows that Hydrogen is some strong stuff, now more than ever people are starting to talk about it. Since Hydrogen-powered and hybrid cars alike have not yet evolved. The MPG performance is not as great as expected mixed with the fact that Hydrogen pressure tanks in cars and in fuel stations is a huge safety hazard. Have ever seen a Hydrogen explosion or more accurately implosion? 
Hydrogen-On-Demand is the Answer. It produces the hydrogen you need when you need it without having to store it. With the advent of the internet unlike in the past where the big 7 had control to suppress this kind of information it is now shared amongst a multitude of people and countries.


Adding Brown's Gas to the fuel/air mixture has the immediate effect of increasing the octane rating of any fuel. Octane Rating means how much that fuel can be compressed before it ignites. Low grade gasoline (Regular or 87 octane) ignites faster than higher octane fuels. It takes less compression to ignite.
This fact causes the gasoline to ignite before TDC (Top Dead Center, the point where the piston is at the highest point of its motion), making it less efficient because the explosion of gas fumes pushes the piston down and out of sequence (it's too early so it goes a bit in reverse) and therefore the pinging noise and less power from Regular gasoline.

Brown's gas or water vapor causes regular low-grade fuel to ignite more slowly, making it perform like a high octane gasoline! A higher octane rating means stronger horse power due to combustion occurring much closer to TDC, where it has a chance to turn into mechanical torque (rotary push) the right way and without pinging Each piston transfers more energy during its combustion cycle, so combustion becomes more efficient as well as SMOOTH. More efficient combustion translates to less fuel being consumed.

You see, this technology does not mean we're running on water, but introducing HHO simply and effectively creates the effect of using the same bad gasoline in a more economical way. It supplements and actually CORRECTS the behavior of gasoline. Free energy does exist, but it has to be triggered by something. In this case, the interaction between water and gasoline is how it happens.

Very little. If you use water only (vaporizing the water by slow bubbling it and then sucking it into the engine), a Gallon of water would be consumed in about 8 months. If you're using electrolysis to separate it to HHO first, that Gallon will be consumed in maybe 3-4 months. Still very little. You save roughly $900-$1,200 a year on gasoline alone (not to mention maintenance savings) with a monthly investment of about 5-30 cents. So if you want to talk absolutes, this is not 100% free, but you'll agree with me that we're creating a LOT of effect out of very, very little.

1. Compared to the energy of one pound of gasoline (let's call it 100%), the energy in a pound of Hydrogen is only 80% - while Brown's Gas of the same weight has a whopping 300% of the energy!

2. When separating it into its Brown's Gas state, each Gallon of water expands into gigantic proportions 1866 Gallons of combustible gas! That's why so much effect on the engine, while such little water is being consumed per week.

Absolutely! This is a simple but proven technology that is in use by thousands of people worldwide! If you follow the alternative energy news you would see that onboard hydrogen devices are part of a strong emerging green-industry. These devices offer a safe and economical way to produce hydrogen that can be used in fuel cells or burned directly in the engine to increase gas mileage and reduce pollutants. It is a PROVEN technology!

However, there are some who say it is all nonsense and even fraud. This disturbs us greatly and we would like to take this opportunity to set the record straight on hydrogen technologies. First off, the detractors of hydrogen technologies claim that the hydrogen boost systems cannot possibly work because they violate established laws of physics; the first and second laws of thermodynamics to be precise. Which in simplified terms means you cannot get more energy from a system than you put in. The short answer; this is true. The long answer; we will comment about further on in this article.
On demand hydrogen boost system DO WORK and they DO NOT violate any laws of physics! Hydrogen boost systems work for one simple reason . . .
Adding a hydrogen-oxygen mix to the fuel system in an internal combustion engine increases the combustion of the gasoline (or diesel) due to the high volatility of hydrogen-oxygen mix. This can be compared to putting a super high grade of gasoline in your engine. You get better overall performance, increased horsepower and gas mileage. Yes, the devices do use electrical power from the engine that is ultimately created by the fossil fuel, but the gain in efficiency of the engine exceeds the energy loss from generating the hydrogen-oxygen mix. The increase in horsepower and gas mileage comes from better combustion of the gasoline, which the hydrogen-oxygen mix helps to achieve. Only about 15% of the available energy in gasoline is converted to mechanical energy in an internal combustion engine. Better combustion means more of the available energy in the gasoline is converted to mechanical energy and that has nothing to do with creating energy or violating any laws of thermodynamics!

It is true that you cannot generate enough HHO (hydrogen-oxygen mix) with an onboard hydrolysis system to run the engine exclusively with HHO, but that does not mean you cannot increase your gas mileage by 30 to 50 percent! Thousands of people are! They use hydrogen boost systems because they work!
We suspect that the reason people are attacking these systems is because they are either ignorant or they are paid to do so by big oil whose greatest threat to their energy dominance is hydrogen! Hydrogen is a threat to the oil monopoly because it can be so easily made from water and the planet is covered with two thirds water. Unlike oil, the only by-product of burning hydrogen is water. Big oil fears hydrogen and will do anything to convince the public it is unproven technology at best and all hogwash pseudoscience at worst! They also fear the fact that making hydrogen from water is so simple that the everyday average person can make it themselves and maybe someday won’t need to go to the gas station to buy fuel.

Yes, it takes energy to make hydrogen but this does not mean you cannot save money on your energy bills by doing it. Not to mention that there are ways to make hydrogen for free using solar energy or from waste heat with the aid of thermoelectric modules!
There are problems with hydrogen as a fuel, like distribution and storing it, but that is why making it yourself with an on-demand / on board system is the preferred way to go. New developments are happing everyday that are making more options for hydrogen use available.

There are several people throughout the world that claim to have developed systems that allow their cars to run exclusively on water. Is this a violation of the laws of thermodynamics? Not necessarily, you see established theories in physics since Einstein have allowed for something like this, it is called ‘zero-point energy’; which states that if you were to drain all the energy from the atoms in a room, bringing it down to absolute zero, there would still be energy left. This energy cannot be reduced any further and is always present, this is zero-point energy and it is not just a theory! The basic principles of zero-point energy have been proven in several laboratories over the years. Now if anyone has indeed found a way to tap into this, it would be a bigger threat to big oil than hydrogen!

Affordable and cleaner energy options are available to us all, NOW! We need to ask ourselves "Am I ok with paying $3 plus per-gallon of gasoline?" What effect will it have on my family when it reaches $5-$6 dollars in the near future? If you are not OK with this, then you need to get the onboard-hydrogen boost system today! You can make your own and save or purchase one from us. The technology is simple and safe to use, but most importantly it WORKS!

Some material here has been shared from both Thermo1's web site and Water4gas  


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